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Veterans Issue Two

The government treats veterans like a budget item instead of a national priority.

If you want to prove to me you think veterans are heroes, you don’t just say so on Anzac Day. You back up your words with actions. You pay every cent it takes to nurse a wounded warrior back to health. A veteran’s contribution to this country doesn’t end when they take off the uniform. But we’re failing to give our veterans the support they need to transition back into civilian life and use the skills and experience they’ve developed in service of our country. They’re being sucked into a black hole of bureaucracy and buck-passing. They reach out for help, we slap a pin on them and send them on their way. We know what it takes to help our veterans. It’s going to cost money. We just have to pay it. I’m sick of politicians who tell a veteran their health is too expensive. Words are cheap. Our political leaders are cheaper.

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