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Put our TV ad on the air

Put our TV ad
on the air

Veterans and Aussies all over the country have funded a TV ad.

This ad says more in 30 seconds than the PM's National Commissioner could say in a year — because it lets the mums of veterans speak for themselves. It's brutal, it's raw, and it changes people's minds. And we're going to get it in front of the PM — by running it during a Cronulla Sharks NRL game.

Help us run newspaper ads in high profile publications

Help us run newspaper
ads in high profile publications

Politicians read newspapers. Let's get in their faces.

We're going to take out big, full-page ads in key newspapers we know are being read by the people we need to win over. We've designed them to be impossible to ignore. Politicians will see them, but so will voters. And we need both if we're going to win.

Will you help me get things done?

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