Tassie Hydro 2.0

Energy- Jacqui Lambie

Energy- Jacqui Lambie

Exporting our energy is the way of the future. It doesn’t just mean cheaper bills. With Hydro in state hands, the JLN parliamentary team will make sure It means more clean energy in the national energy market, and more money for hospitals and schools in Tasmania.

Powering the State and Country

The Jacqui Lambie Network supports re-investment in Tasmania’s hydroelectricity, through reticulation of water supply, and maximising the export opportunities of this additional generation capacity by installing a second interconnector. This will allow Tasmania to generate more, export more, and earn more from its natural advantages.

By maximising the profitability of existing generation capacity, we can keep prices for Tasmanians lower. The money that is earned by state-owned generators goes back to the state.

Second Bass Link Cable

By reticulating the water from our hydro dams, with new pumped hydro technology, there is a strong business case for building a second Bass link cable. Greater export capacity means more state revenue to provide cheaper electricity to Tasmanian households and industry, providing more funds to invest in education and health.

A second Bass links cable would represent Tasmania’s capacity to capitalise on one of its biggest assets and show the country that we are a force when it comes to clean, green, reliable energy.