Putting Tasmania First

I love the outdoors and growing up in North-West Tasmania meant there was a lot for me to do.

Camping trips with my family are among some of my fondest memories, where I did a lot of rabbiting and cray fishing.

I am proud of my home state Tasmania, and its clean, green reputation.

The outdoors is my way of connecting with my ancestral roots. My mother’s family traces their history back to a famous Tasmanian warrior, Mannarlargenna.

I became an independent Senator because I could see party politics and self-interest meant elected representatives weren’t putting Tasmania first.

During my time in Parliament I have secured:

  • More funding for Tasmanian schools.
  • An expanded Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme.
  • A feasibility study into expanding Hydro.
  • And it was my vote that protected university students from $100,000 degrees.