Public Housing in Tasmania

Public Housing in Tasmania

We need to build more public housing and we need to upgrade the homes we already have. The JLN will add solar panels to the roof of every public home in Tasmania. This will drastically reduce power bills for the occupants. We will also continue to fight for the Federal Government to wipe Tasmania’s 180-million-dollar public housing debt.

The Jacqui Lambie Network believes that measure of a prosperous nation is how it treats its least fortunate. Providing a basic social safety net is a standard of decency we should all expect to be there for us if we need it.

Tasmania has one of the highest percentages of low-income households among the other states and territories. One in three households rely on government pensions and allowances to keep the lights on.

The JLN supports the principle behind the Liberal Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025 and recognises the need to keep the cost of delivering on the commitment under control by partnering with the community and with the private sector.

But while supporting the push for more affordable housing, we believe it is simply not happening fast enough. The waitlist is growing faster than supply. The problem is getting worse.

It’s important that those who are already in or waiting for affordable housing are not left out. And those who need help now can’t wait another seven or eight years. We need to look at new ways of finding the money to fund affordable housing as an urgent budget priority.

In reality, investing in affordable housing isn’t just fair. It’s good for the economy. It creates hundreds of jobs in Tasmania’s small businesses across the construction sector.

Government must look beyond what is politically sellable and focus on what is economically sustainable. A surplus is no good if it comes at the expense of the state.

That's why the JLN will:

  • Fight to have Tasmania’s historical social housing debt owed to the Commonwealth waived. Half of the state’s public housing budget is being spent on interest payments to the Commonwealth. Tasmania’s housing money should be spent on housing Tasmanians.
  • Upgrade the energy efficiency of Tasmania’s affordable housing stock, which keeps bills low for tenants, creates jobs in installation and retrofitting and adds value to the state’s assets.
  • Support the Housing Affordability Strategy which aims to triple the number of new affordable houses by 2025.
  • Trial an additional tax on foreign investors in residential properties and direct the revenue into affordable housing projects.


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