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15th April 2019

Well, the campaign is now well and truly underway, but I have to ask - has anything really happened?

Scott Morrison has lost the tie and rolled up the sleeves, and is getting about with his goofy grin trying to convince us that he’s really just an average bloke. Meanwhile, Bill Shorten is trying to be invisible, hoping that he can get to the election without people realising that they don’t much like him.

The Liberal National government is definitely up to some shenanigans in Tasmania, though. Hidden deep in the budget papers was the revelation that the Morrison government would be stripping away over $500 million from Tasmania over the next four years. That means that the Tasmanian state budget is instantly in crisis, and the only way to balance the books will be either cutting government services - health, education, etc - or racking up the state’s credit card once again.

It also means that we Tasmanians are being taken for fools. You see, the Liberals and the Nationals have been swanning around the state over the past week, claiming to support Tasmania and promising to fund this and that. The truth is though that what they are really doing is "promising" to give back only a fraction of the $500 million they have just taken from us!

They take away the cake, give us back a few crumbs and expect us to thank them with our votes? We Tasmanians are a bit smarter than that!

As for me, the JLN crew has started the campaign out on the road. I’ve been driving through the south of the state chatting to people and putting up signs, Glynn Williams has been doing the same in the north, while Chris Reynolds has been getting to some of the out of the way spots. We still need more locations, though! So if you’re in Tasmania, live on a busy road or near a polling place, and you have a spot in your front yard for a Jacqui Lambie sign, please get in touch at or text to 0439 354 177.

If we get back to Canberra, we will use the balance of power to work for you every single day. We just need your help to get there!

Until next time,

11th April 2019

Well, it's official.  The election has been called for May 18 and we're heading back to the polls.

This also means that the airwaves are going to be flooded with political ads for the various parties.  Here's the thing though - no matter who the ad is for, those ads are all paid for by the big corporate and big union donors that hand the parties money in order to buy influence in parliament.

You won't see too many ads for the Jacqui Lambie Network, though.  You know why?  Well, the bottom line is that we can't afford them.  You see, we refuse to be bought, so we don't take the big donations.  No donations, no ads.

That doesn't mean that we're not in the fight, though.  We're getting our message out any way we can.  Whatever our supporters can donate to us will be plugged straight into doing as many ads as we can, but more importantly we're doing it the old-fashioned way with our bloody boots on.  We're out there, meeting as many Tasmanians as possible and talking to them face to face.

Now that we're at action stations, I really want you to think about something.  How often have you thought to yourself that the Muppets in Canberra are all the same?  Politicians don't understand how it is for us in the real world. They're looking after their big donor mates and no one in parliament is looking after you.

Well, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO CHANGE THINGS!  If you trust me with your vote I'll make sure that they have to listen to you every single day, and not just at election time.  I did it last time, and I'll do it again.

We desperately need more places to put up our signs.  If you're in Tasmania, live on a main road or near a polling place, and you're willing to allow us to whack up a sign in your front yard please flick us through a message and let us know.

If you can donate, we could really use the help.  The more money that comes is the better we can get the message out, so if you have some loose change to spare please jump on the website and send it through to us.  You can donate by credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer - the details are on our donate page.

Whether it's $5, $500 or $5,000, it all helps and I guarantee you we'll put it all to good use.

And of course, if you're in Tasmania, please VOTE 1 JACQUI LAMBIE NETWORK in the Senate.  We're fighting hard, for every Tasmanian every day.

Together we can get the job done!

Until next time,

7th April 2019

After all the talk and build up, it seems that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will delay calling the election for another week. Every man and his dog knows that the election will be on 18 May (the Liberals have even booked the venue for their election night function on that date) so now that the underwhelming budget and Labor’s equally underwhelming budget reply are out of the way there is no good reason for delaying the announcement any longer.

There is a reason for the delay, it just isn’t a good one. You see, once the election is called the government goes into caretaker mode, which means that all of the taxpayer funded campaign ads the government has been running (under the guise of “public information campaigns”) have to stop. Another week before the announcement means another week of them taking your money to beg for votes. This is no small potatoes, either - one extra week means an extra $4 MILLION being wasted on their propaganda.

With the election coming nevertheless, it is important to give real thought to how you vote. Election experts have suggested that no matter who wins government, the Senate balance of power is hanging on a knife’s edge. The balance of power is YOUR power. Let’s face it - history tells us that whichever side wins government, they are going to spend the next three years working for their mates, repaying donors and ignoring the needs of real Tasmanians. By voting for the Jacqui Lambie Network in the Senate you’ll be able to make sure that parliament is working for you every day, and not just election time.

So, this year you have a choice. You can choose who gets the balance of power. You can give it to the major parties. You can give it to the extremists on the left or right.

Or, you can keep the balance of power for yourself and a party that will work for every Tasmanian. You can make sure it is used to push the next parliament toward common sense, fair solutions to the problems we face. You can do this by voting for the Jacqui Lambie Network in the Senate.

Until next time,

It's election time and we need money to get our message out. Unlike the other parties the Jacqui Lambie Network doesn't take hundreds of thousands of dollars from big corporates, unions or vested interests. We do that so we can be true to our voters and represent you to the best of our ability.  We also need people who can contribute their time in the lead up to the election.

PS: You can follow along with me day-to-day on Facebook. It's a bloody good time.