Jobs for Tasmanians

Jobs for Tasmanians - Jacqui Lambie

Jobs for Tasmanians - Jacqui Lambie

Jobs give purpose. Jobs put food on the table. They train people. They give people connections to others. They give a person a sense of their own destiny. They let them spend as they wish and save for whatever they like. Society is built on jobs.

But the other side of the coin is when there are fewer jobs than there are people looking for jobs. It’s important that Government policy is there to create the jobs people need by supporting businesses to expand, and supporting workers to get work-ready.

But it’s important to get the right power balance between workers and industry. Too much in either direction means we’re all left worse off.

And the economy performs best when both workers and industry have a place at the table. If we are to boost national economic productivity and output, we all need to work together.

The Jacqui Lambie Network believes that unemployment hurts. To those who find themselves in long-term unemployment, government policy needs to do more to support those who find themselves in long-term unemployment. Not just because it’s better for the economy, but because it’s better for individuals and their families.

Our first priority is to make sure that Australians who want a job can find one. Unemployment is a massive waste of our nation’s talent and capacity.

And the best way to promote new jobs is to support businesses to do what they do best.

We can lower the cost of doing business by reducing the cost of energy, training and bureaucratic red tape.

Those who lose their jobs should be supported to make sure they can find a new one. Whether they need counselling, retraining, upskilling or career guidance, we can do more to help people do more.

With interest rates at record lows, we have an opportunity now to borrow and invest back into Australia.

That’s not permission to spend on anything. But what it means is changing the focus from why debt is never acceptable, to asking the question of what we can invest in, that will kick-start the economy, put Australians in jobs, unlock the infrastructure bottlenecks and double down on Australia.

JLN will:

  Support an accelerated tax cut for small businesses. Freeing up more money to be invested back into the business is how small businesses expand into big ones.

  Ensure that hiring Australians is a priority for all national projects. States should prioritise workers from that state. Nation-building projects need nation-builders.

  Support an Australian-made bidding preference for projects requiring advanced manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing is an investment in upskilling the nation.

  Protect penalty rates in legislation.

  Restore workers’ bargaining power with big employers. Strong unions boost wage growth and productivity, which is how nations become more prosperous.