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They don't want change

When it comes to rorting the system, the Liberal and Labor parties are as bad as each other. What I'm proposing will go a long way towards fixing the system. But the only way it happens is with public pressure.

Can you chip in to help me create that pressure?

The Senate is looking at my donations bill

A Senate committee has just started an inquiry into my bill. It’s calling for public submissions. That’s your cue.

Can you make a submission now?

I want this committee to be absolutely swamped with members of the public calling out the bad behaviour of the big parties. It’s absolutely critical we make them realise that when they take dirty money, we notice. And we don’t like what we’re seeing.

Can you add your voice?

Got a bit of writer’s block? If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s some background to my plan.

The reason we’ve got pokies in our clubs is because the Labor Party and the Liberal Party say there’s nothing wrong with it. You want to know why they say that? Because pokies billionaires pay them to.

Tens of millions of dollars in political donations are flying under the radar. Completely undisclosed. They’re buying influence, they’re buying access, they’re buying outcomes. 

In other words, they’re buying politicians.

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