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Update: Our petition is working!

Thank you to everyone who has signed my petition for a safe shelter so far - we got the State Government to commit to $150,000. But it's still not enough, so if you haven't already, please sign the petition to keep the pressure on and get them to commit to another $125,000.


Imagine if, tomorrow, every voter in the Prime Minister’s Sydney electorate of Cook found themselves homeless. 

We’d call it a national emergency. It would be a scandal.

But that's how many people will be homeless tonight.

Imagine how you'd feel. If everything you owned was on your back. And it's dark, so the streets are beginning to empty. You can feel the cold wind whip through your jacket. Rain starts hitting the footpath. You watch it darken the patch of cement in a doorway where you’d hoped to hole up to sleep. You've got nowhere to go.

Good people working together have set up “safe shelters” for those sleeping rough in our cities. 

They offer people a place off the streets for a night, where they can safely store their possessions, watch a movie, play a board game, or just rest, with a warm blanket, with food in the belly, with a roof over their heads.

They're miracles.


Hobart’s homeless have no consistent access to a safe shelter. 

That's got to change. 

So here's the plan. I'm calling on the state and federal governments to establish a safe shelter in Hobart before Christmas. I've spoken to the experts. It can be done. There's a project proposal on the table. All they're needing is a cheque.

Help me make this happen. There's up to 200 people sleeping on the Hobart street every night. They're the real quiet Australians. You'll never meet them. You may never see them. But you are in a powerful position to help them. 

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PS: If you're thinking you'd like to sign, but you’ll get around to doing this later - don't kid yourself. This takes 30 seconds, tops. You come back to this in a month and we may have missed our window.

The timeline is ambitious but it's necessary. We have less than a month of Parliament before the Christmas break. Organisers need a few weeks after getting the money to get the doors open. We don't have time to run this for months. We've got days.

So if you're thinking, sounds good, I'll do it later - do it now. Take something off your to-do list.

How many people support opening a safe shelter in Hobart?

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