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They don't want change

When it comes to rorting the system, the Liberal and Labor parties are as bad as each other. What I'm proposing will go a long way towards fixing the system. But the only way it happens is with public pressure.

Can you chip in to help me create that pressure?

Here's the Guardian's write up of my donations bill

Hey guys, I had a chat with the Guardian about my political donations reform bill. Here's a snippet.

'Open to corruption': Jacqui Lambie plans to end flow of 'dark money' to political parties

The senator will introduce a private bill to drastically tighten rules on political donations

Lambie told Guardian Australia “the problem is when you give a donation under $14,000, you can give that every day for seven days and don’t have to write any of that down”.

Lambie’s bill would also require:

  • Disclosure within seven days of any gift that tips a donor over the threshold of $2,500 or more in a six-month period, and any gifts thereafter
  • Revenue from the sale of tickets to fundraising dinners or related events and membership fees to parties or associated entities to be reported as political donations by expanding the definition of a gift
  • Explanation of the reason for other funds being paid to a political party
  • Political bodies to only make campaign expenditure from a nominated bank account

Lambie said attendees at fundraising dinners paid $10,000 and got “soggy chips and overcooked steak” not “crayfish wrapped in gold” because “they’re coming to buy influence”.

You canread the full article here.

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