Foreign Ownership of Tasmanian Assets

Public Housing in Tasmania

We need to ensure Tasmanian land stays in Tasmanian hands. The JLN supports a moratorium on any new land being sold to overseas interests and proposes the trial of a foreign home-buyers tax.



Tasmania is already the state or territory with the second highest level of foreign-held agricultural land, at 24.3%. This represents 354,000 hectares, an increase of 12,000 hectares overall since last year.

Successive governments have rubber stamped the selling off our land and assets to foreign interests. Enough is enough.

The JLN proposes:

  • A moratorium on any new land being sold to overseas interests.
  • An audit of all foreign ownership, including the grade of the land and the purpose it’s used for.
  • A publicly available record, which outlines ownership levels.


Tasmanian Homes

Wealthy people from other countries are increasingly investing in houses in stable countries such as Australia. The influx in foreign home buyers is driving up house prices and denying locals the chance to buy a house.

We need to protect the Tasmanian housing market from this phenomenon.

 The JLN proposes:

  • The trial of a foreign home buyers tax for Tasmanian homes.