Fast Catamaran Service for Northern Tasmania


Imagine what a passenger, vehicle, roll-on, roll-off freight catamaran service – every 4-5 hours from Victoria would do for the Tasmanian economy and job growth!

We’re not talking about the ‘spew cats’ of old, these are modern catamarans that can easily handle the rough waters of the Bass Straight.

Fast Cat equals Fast Jobs with Tasmanian producers and manufacturers in the fast lane. The best thing? The JLN has already secured investment funding through the CEFC.

The Plan

The JLN wants two 130m Fast Cats built in Tasmania by Incat to sail between Tasmania and the mainland. Powered by LNG jet turbo engines, the Fast Cats would cut sailing time between Northern Tasmania and docking at the international airport at Avalon from about 12 hours to four hours.

This service would create 500 direct jobs over two years and would supercharge productivity and tourism in the most neglected part of the state, the North.

The Cost?

Only $200,000 is required to kickstart the project. This investment will fund a feasibility study, which will lay the foundation for the future of shipping in the Bass Straight.

What’s stopping it?

Lack of political leadership by all political parties. The current Liberal State and Federal Governments refuse to invest in a feasibility study. Once again, the Liberals are letting a golden opportunity for Tasmania sail by.