Reliable and Affordable Energy

Energy- Jacqui Lambie

Energy- Jacqui Lambie

Half of Tasmania’s energy is consumed by just four industrial users. Eighty per cent of the state’s installed capacity comes from hydroelectricity. Outside of wind farms, all of the state’s major energy generators are state-owned.

This means if energy consumers stop using electricity, the state government loses money. And because half the state’s electricity is being used by just four major industrial users, we are dangerously placed.

One option is to generate more electricity to sell it interstate, through the Basslink interconnector. But our ability to generate electricity is constrained by water levels in our dams.  Our ability to guarantee reliable, affordable electricity is conditioned on the climate and the ongoing operation of our major users. In other words, there’s a lot outside of Tasmania’s control, and that uncertainty dampens business investment in our state.

Our Hydro network has served us well, but going into the future we need vision.  The JLN's vision is Hydro 2.0.

Hydro 2.0 takes what works and improves it by adding pumped-storage hydroelectricity to the network.  By recirculating the water through the Hydro turbines, we can dramatically increase our generation capacity without more dam storage or rainfall.  Coupled with a second Bass Strait interconnector, Tasmania can provide the nation with clean, reliable, dispatchable power.  Our strategy ensures tasmania's energy security and offers certainty for businesses looking to invest or expand in the state.

The Jacqui Lambie Network opposes the privatisation of our energy assets.  By keeping these valuable assets in state hands, we will ensure that every Tasmanian will benefit from cheaper power bills and annual dividends to the state.

Tasmanians don’t have to choose between energy that is clean or energy that is cheap. We should have both.  But energy costs are out of control in our state.  As a result, businesses are wary of expanding and households are struggling to keep up with their bills.

Energy is what fuels our state. Our economy relies on energy being reliable and affordable. Right now it is neither.[i]

The Jacqui Lambie Network supports re-investment in Tasmania’s hydroelectricity, through reticulation of water supply, and maximising the export opportunities of this additional generation capacity by installing a second interconnector. This will allow Tasmania to generate more, export more, and earn more from its natural advantages.

By maximising the profitability of existing generation capacity, we can keep prices for Tasmanians lower. The money that is earned by state-owned generators goes back to the state. 

Exporting our energy doesn’t just mean cheaper bills. It means more clean energy in the national energy market, and more money for hospitals and schools in Tasmania.

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