Donations Policy


We’re proud to have the most transparent donations policy in the country.

We publish our donations, even though we don’t have to. We disclose in real-time, even though we don’t have to. We cap our donations, even though we don’t have to. And we do it because you deserve to know.

The rules say political parties don’t need to do any of this. We say the rules need changing. But we can’t change them without your help.



We publish the name, date and amount of every personal donation above $500, and every donation made by an organisation of any value.

In order to do so we need to process donations by hand, which takes a bit longer. We aspire to instant, real-time disclosure but, recognising that we don’t have the staff or infrastructure to guarantee it, maintain a target of 90 per cent of donations disclosed within 48 hours.

We don’t accept donations from organisations above $5,000. We won’t accept a donation from an individual or an organisation attempting to lobby us. We reserve the right to reject and refund any donation at the sole discretion of the JLN.

Our transparent donation policy was introduced in mid-2017 to ensure the integrity of the JLN as it expanded to run more candidates. We have nothing to hide.


Donations Received:

$2,000 | Prior, QLD, 10/5/2019

$2,000 | Prior, QLD, 10/4/2019

$1,200 | Smith, TAS, 07/02/2018

$750 | Culberg, TAS, 30/01/2018

$2,000 | Smith, NSW, 04/07/2017

$2,000 | Harvey, TAS, 05/05/2017

$10,000 | Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers

$999 | Czausov, VIC

$700 | Roberts, VIC

$2,000 |Martin, TAS

$1,000 | Waterman, TAS

$500 | MV Vic Reliance, TAS

$14,000 | AIMPE, VIC

$2,000 | Coleman, NSW

$2,000 | Simmons, VIC

$15,000 | ETU

$2,000 | Petuna Group, TAS

$1,000 | Aus Veg, VIC

$1,500 | Edmondson, ACT

$500 | Max, VIC

$10,000 | ETU, VIC

$1,700 | AIMPE, VIC

$500 | Stephens, ACT

$10,000 | Island Optical, TAS

$10,000 | Island Optical, TAS

$10,000 | Golden Lineage, VIC

$10,000 | Optical Superstore, SA

$10,000 | Optom Admin, QLD

$2,000 | Transcontinent Designer Rugs, NSW

$500 | Miller, VIC

$2,000 | Smith, NSW

$10,000 | AIMPE, VIC