Break the silence - call a Royal Commission into veterans suicide - Jacqui Lambie Network

1 in 5

will consider it.

1 in 10

will plan it.

1 a week

will do it.

1 in 5

will consider it.

1 in 10

will plan it.

1 a week

will do it.

If we're ever going to get a
Royal Commission into veteran suicides,

it's go time.

We have one shot at this.
We have one shot
at this.

So here’s the plan.

I’ve been in touch with a professional television production company.

I’ve asked them to produce a TV advertisement calling on the Prime Minister to call a royal commission into veterans suicide.

They’ve cut their normal price in half and they’re doing this for a steal — because they care about the cause. The only condition is that I can’t name them, so their normal customers don’t get wind of the deal they’re giving us.

They’re going to make it. And we’re going to air it.

Right in the middle of a Cronulla Sharks NRL game.

The other thing?

I’ve already paid the deposit.

The ball is rolling. This is happening. But they can’t finish the ad if we can’t pay the rest. I can’t do this without you.

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to help, help. Don’t leave anything on the field. It’s go time.


Let me be completely honest with you: time isn’t on our side.

We don’t have a moment to lose. COVID-19 has delayed everything, except the scale of the crisis.

This is a one shot strategy. We get this wrong, we miss our target, we lose.

I don’t like to lose.

Success depends on support, and you are a part of that.

Nobody else is coming to save the day. Nobody else is going to cover you. You are critical.

There’s one person that can call a Royal Commission, and he’s going to be watching the Cronulla Sharks play. What he witnesses during that game depends on all of us.

He either sees ads for burgers and beers, or he sees the mother of a suicided veteran, looking him dead in the eye, asking him to help her.

And everybody watching - everybody - will ask him the exact same question.

Imagine the pressure we could exert. This could be a game-changer. But only if we meet this fundraising target.

That’s why this is so important. That’s why you’re so important.

If you’re with me, back me on this.

If everyone who’s signed my petition chips in $8, we’ll cream this goal. But not everyone can, or is able to. So if you’re able to do it, cover someone who can’t.

I’m all in on this. Are you with me?



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