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1 in 5

will consider it.

1 in 10

will plan it.

1 a week

will do it.

1 in 5

will consider it.

1 in 10

will plan it.

1 a week

will do it.

If we're ever going to get a
Royal Commission into veteran suicides,

it's go time.

We have one shot at this.
We have one shot
at this.

So here’s the plan.

With the support of thousands of Aussies, I’ve created an advertisement calling on the Prime Minister to call a Royal Commission into veteran suicides.

And mark my words, we need a Royal Commission – and nothing less. We’ve had 17 reviews in the last 17 years. And every one of them has said the same thing. There’s something broken at the heart of how we treat our veterans.

Our defence forces have consistently done everything in their power to cover up this issue. The only line you will ever hear from them is ‘nothing to see here’. Only a royal commission will bust this cover-up culture wide open and give it the scrutiny it deserves.

That’s why we need a Royal Commission and that’s why we made this ad.

The ad is a hard hitting, brutally honest plea to the Government and Prime Minister to call a Royal Commission.

It doesn’t feature me. It features the mothers of veterans who took their own lives. It gives them a platform to talk to the nation. A platform that they deserve. A platform that their deceased sons deserve.

I’ve watched it and it brought me to tears.

Only the meanest, cold-hearted politician could watch the ad and not be moved.

I want to put it everywhere.

If every Aussie saw this ad tonight, then we’d have a Royal Commission tomorrow.

I’m putting in my own money to make this happen. But I can’t reach every Australian with my own contribution alone.

Can you chip in and help me get the ad in front of every Aussie?


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